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LaSalle Electric Purchasing Terms and Conditions



1.        Test Report

The supplier shall include with shipment one copy of the test results and/or inspection data required by purchase order.

2.        Process Certifications (Vendor Performed)

One copy of reports of all special processes and inspection verification results shall be furnished with each shipment of processed components.

3.        Certification of Conformance

One copy of the C. of C. shall be included with each shipment of product.

4.        First Article Inspection

Inspection of a First Article product, manufactured to satisfy this purchase order must be submitted to LaSalle Electric Supply prior to the start of production. Notify LaSalle Electric Supply at 734.425.6200.

5.        Source Inspection

LaSalle Electric Supply in-process or final source inspection of product at your facility. Upon receipt, notify LaSalle Electric Supply at 734.425.6200.

6.        Change notification and approval

LaSalle Electric Supply  must be notified of any changes in product or process definition, supplier location, supplier management changes, etc., immediately, and approval of change must be obtained from company management.

7.        Contract number

The Prime Contract number listed on the LaSalle Electric Supply P.O. will be recorded on all subcontracts Po’s. All items shown on this P.O., including all applicable records, are subject to surveillance and inspection at your facility, at the option of Government, regulatory agencies, and/or LaSalle Electric Supply’s Customer Representative. LaSalle Electric Supply will provide sufficient notice to schedule surveillance.

8.        Inspection system

Supplier shall maintain an inspection system in compliance with MIL-I-45208, ISO 9001:2008, or equivalent, including record control & retention for 10 years minimum. (For disposition records, contact LaSalle Electric Supply.

9.        Calibration system

Supplier shall provide and maintain a calibration system in compliance with MIL-STD045662, or equivalent.

10.     Notification of nonconformance

All non-conformances that cannot be reworked to requirements must be reported to LaSalle Electric Supply on suppliers’ nonconformance document for approval.

11.     Special process control

LaSalle Electric Supply customer approved sources required. Only sources approved by LaSalle Electric Supply customers may be used to satisfy this P.O. flow-down requirement.

12.     Customer/Government source

LaSalle Electric Supply Customer and/or Government source inspection/verification is required at your facility. Customer may still reject subsequent delivered product.

13.     Key characteristics

This part of assembly has Key Characteristics (KC) or Interface Key Characteristics. Do not alter. KC’s require a 100% dimensional inspection record.

        16. Right of Access by the Purchaser

                                 We, our customers and any regulatory authorities must be permitted access to

                                 all facilities involved in the order and all applicable records involved with the order,